Fixtoe solves effectively the feet pain that our patients suffer during their daily and sporting life.


After the clinical development carried our by the specialists in podiatry, Fixtoe ensures the alignment of the deformity.


Due to the high-quality material of the Fixtoe, it adapts to the ergonomics of the foot and offers a great deal of comfort with any type of footwear.

What is Fixtoe?

Fixtoe is the only device that corrects the alignment of the deformity of the toes. Its mechanism has been developed and patented as a solution for the floating toe (Metatarsofalanic predislocation syndrome) or better known as hammer toe. Furthermore, it is an option for the treatment of metatarsal pain, plantar callus, toes protection, claw toe and bunion protection.

It is made up of an elastic tubular body jointed to two sides straps made of neoprene with a soft and towelling fabric in the contact area. These straps are fixed to the sole of the foot ensuring a safe and effective fixation.

Why use Fixtoe?

Fixtoe relieves the daily pain that our feet suffer. Thanks to its features it helps to have a better quality of life without the need for operations. It is designed for people who need a special footwear because of the TOE deformity. The Fixtoe offers the possibility to use any type of footwear comfortably and securely.

This device turn immediately the problem of walking into the pleasure of walking.

Exclusive sale of clinics, pharmacies and orthopedics.

When use Fixtoe?

Metatarsofalanic predislocation syndrome (floating toe)

Due to the fixation of the straps on the sole of the foot, it keeps the necessary tension in order to correct the predislocated toe and in this way to stop its development.

Protection from calluses on toes

Its resistant material protects the toes from the rubbing with the footwear.

Claw toe and Hammer toe

The tension of the material when the straps are fixed corrects effectively the TOE.

Pain associated with synovivtis

It allows to decompress the joint capsule and relieve the pain in the central metatarsophalangeal joints thanks to the correct alignment of the digits.

Front plantar pain (metatarsalgia)

It releases the central area of the forefoot due to the space between the straps. When the load diminishes, the pain lessens.

Plantar calluses

It allows to reduce plantar calluses due to its distribution of loads in the front area of the sole of the foot.

Protección of bunions

Due to its ergonomic shape it fits together effectively in order to protect the bunions from the rubbing of the footwear.

Previous treatments vs Fixtoe

Digital plantarflexion taping

The digital plantarflexion taping is the most used and effective conservative treatment, in this type of deformity, which keeps the toe aligned during all the activities with load. This treatment must be renewed every few days and besides, it causes skin irritation and discomfort for the patient.

Due to the different properties of the material, Fixtoe is more long lasting than the conservative treatments and it ensures the alignment of the deformity without skin damage.

Metatarsal unloading

Another example of conservative treatment is the metatarsal unloading with an adhesive footpad.

Unfortunately, this treatment has to be renewed every few days causing skin irritation and discomfort for the patient affecting the correct daily hygiene.

Fixtoe allows a greater metatarsal unloading due to the space between the straps in the metatarsal area.

Moreover, thanks to the features of its material, it is more long lasting than the conservative treatments and it allows a great comfort for the patient avoiding skin irritation.